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At Curiosity Lab, we believe every learner is the hero of their own educational adventure. Here, the journey of learning isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it's about a transformative path that leads to self-discovery, growth, and mastery.

In our unique learning environment, driven by boundless curiosity and a learner-centered approach, we guide our young heroes through a world brimming with challenges and opportunities. We equip them with vital skills for the AI era — critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity — fostering resilience and adaptability for the journey ahead.

Central to each hero's quest is the development of a Creative Portfolio. This portfolio is a dynamic narrative of their journey, showcasing individual achievements, creative projects, and milestones. It’s a testament to their evolving story, a reflection of their unique strengths, and a beacon that lights the way to future educational and career paths.

Join us at Curiosity Lab, where education is a heroic journey, personalized and rich with exploration. Here, every learner creates their own legacy, ready to meet the challenges of the future with confidence and imagination.

Curiosity Lab — Where Every Learner is a Hero in Their Own Epic Tale.

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July 1 - Aug 2 (Weekly)

Everyday 9am - 3pm

Ag​es: 7 - 16

C​o​coon - 316 Greenwich St​reet, New York











A life-changing Summer Camp that kickstarts your kid’s entrepreneurial journey, lead by Venture Studio founder Boon Chew who has launched over $2B worth of startups.


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A Quest is an immersive learning experience that engages learners in real-world challenges, fosters self-directed learning, and cultivates essential skills and character traits. These quests revolve around meaningful projects, problems, or topics, sparking curiosity and exploration.

July 1 - Aug 2 (Weekly)

Everyday 9am - 3pm

Ages: 7 - 16

Cocoon - 316 Greenwich St, New York











Unlock your entrepreneurial spirit and master the basics of starting a business in 5 days! Designed for young innovators, our quest combines hands-on activities, expert guidance, and fun. Participants will enjoy outdoor visits to local businesses to gain real-world insights. Dive into the world of business, technology, and creativity with us!

The Amazing

Storybook Quest

Tribeca: Every Fri, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Ages: 6 - 13

Become a young author by publishing a story book with the guidance from Steve Breen, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning illustrator and author of multiple picture books.

LEGO Mania Quest

Every Tuesday 3.30pm - 5.30pm

Ages: 6 - 13

Embark on the LEGO Mania Quest, a uniquely designed adventure that transcends traditional boundaries to spark creativity, innovation, and a deep appreciation for interdisciplinary learning.

Future Quests

LEGO Mania Quest

Polyglot Quest

Dino Explorer Quest

Wellness Quest


Money Masters Quest

Green Growers Quest

Math Maker


History Detectives Quest

Game Maker



Space Explorer Quest


World Cultures Quest


Art & Design



Why Curiosity Lab?

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  1. 🚀 Learner-Driven Approach
    • Empowering learners to take charge of their learning, fostering autonomy and intrinsic motivation.
  2. 🤔 Socratic Method
    • Utilizing guided questioning to stimulate critical thinking and deeper understanding.
  3. 👥 Mixed-Age Classrooms
    • Facilitating peer learning and mentorship through age-diverse groups.
  4. 🛠️ Project-Based Learning
    • Engaging learners in hands-on, real-world projects for practical skill development.
  5. 💡Emphasis on Entrepreneurship
    • Integrating entrepreneurial thinking and business skills within the learning modules.
  6. 🌱 Continuous Improvement
    • Encouraging regular self-assessment and adaptation for personal and program growth.
  7. 🧭 Seasoned Guides and Mentors
    • Leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals to guide and inspire learners.
  8. 🔍 Independent Research and Problem-Solving
    • Promoting self-reliance in seeking information and solutions.
  9. 🌐 Community and Global Engagement
    • Extending learning experiences to encompass community and global issues.
  10. 📚 Balanced Academic Curriculum
    • Maintaining a foundation in essential academic skills alongside innovative teaching methods.
  11. 🤖 Integration of Advanced Technology and AI
    • Utilizing cutting-edge technology and AI tools to enhance learning experiences and provide unique educational opportunities.

future-ready skills

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Core Skills ​Development

Creativity ​and ​Innovation

Character Skills


Growth Mindset


AI-Powered ​Digital Literacy

STEM Skills




Self-Directed Learning


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Meet Boon Chew: Founder of Tappollo Media, a technology venture studio based in New York. Under Boon's leadership, Tappollo Media has established a notable presence in the tech industry, collaborating with high-profile clients like Discovery Channel, WeWork, and Walmart. The studio has been instrumental in propelling more than $2B+ worth of startups across various sectors, including education, healthcare, food and beverage, media, gaming, and e-commerce.

Boon brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles. Before founding Tappollo, he honed his skills as a game developer at renowned companies like Vivendi Universal and Microsoft and contributed his expertise as a web developer at Amazon. His creative flair is evident in the engaging games and interactive apps he developed for industry giants such as Hasbro, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, Disney, Nike, and EA.

His journey reflects a deep understanding of the technology landscape and a commitment to innovative solutions.

Meet Evgeniya Maryutina: Evgeniya Maryutina is an accomplished linguist and educator, currently advancing her research as a Ph.D. student in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. With a Master’s in Linguistics from The Graduate Center, CUNY, she brings a rich blend of academic insight and practical experience to Curiosity Lab. Her academic contributions, including papers on bilingual language development, reflect her deep commitment to understanding language acquisition.

Evgeniya also works as a research assistant and content creator at LangInnov, which is a dynamic startup dedicated to revolutionizing educational technology. Their flagship product, BLAST, stands as a beacon for children navigating multilingual environments. BLAST, short for Bilingual Literacy Assessment and Skills Tracker, empowers young learners to thrive in diverse linguistic landscapes.

Drawing from her wealth of experience in education, Evgeniya brings a seasoned perspective to our team. With a background as an ESL instructor and Russian teacher, she now serves as an Adjunct Professor at Queens College, enriching the minds of tomorrow's leaders. Evgeniya's dedication to fostering learning excellence resonates deeply with our mission at Curiosity Lab.

Meet Shashwath Santosh: Shash is a designer with a background in industrial design. After receiving a BFA in Product Design from Parsons School of Design, New York, he is currently experimenting with imaginations and fictions around emerging technology at the Google Creative Lab, New York.

Independently, his work converges design with critical thinking and speculation. He uses projects to pose questions and stretch imagination; this has given him the opportunity to work with the likes of IBM Quantum, CRED Bank, The Times Square Alliance, and the Designed Realities Lab, The New School.

Meet Steve Breen: A Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and investigative journalist with a passion for storytelling. With a background in political science from the University of California, Riverside, Steve began his journalism career at the Asbury Park Press in 1994 and spent 22 years at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Steve's achievements include two Pulitzer Prizes (1998, 2009) and multiple Emmy Awards for video work. He's currently pursuing a Master's in digital media at USC and is the author and illustrator of beloved children's books. Residing in San Diego County, he enjoys tacos, coastal runs, guitar playing, and the world of literature.

Meet Christos Koutsoyannis: A dedicated father and seasoned professional, Christos serves as the Chief Investment Officer at Atlas Ridge Capital, a forward-thinking quantitative hedge fund based in New York. He also shapes minds as an Adjunct Professor at NYU Courant, where he shares his expertise in Data Science.

With an academic background from the University of Cambridge, UK, Christos brings over two decades of experience to the table. His career spans roles as a senior investment manager and co-head of quant research, where he has been at the forefront of researching and deploying advanced statistical and machine learning models in finance. His commitment to the field is further demonstrated by his role on the Board of Directors of the Society of Quantitative Analysts (SQA).

Chris has a deep passion for education and how his multifaceted experience in investment, technology, and academia can help shape education for the 21st century.

Meet Patrizia Saraceni Corman: Founder/CEO of Carousel of Languages, NYC's premier early childhood foreign language program since 2000.

With over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and communications, including roles at Giorgio Armani and The Benetton Group, Patrizia also holds the distinguished title of MET Museum docent (Emeritus Status), where she dedicated 15 years to working with children in special education.

Meet Dennis Steigerwald: Dennis is the IT Innovation Coordinator for Teaching and Learning at Frankfurt International School where he leads innovation and integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) including generative artificial intelligence (AI). Previously, he was the Center of Innovation Coordinator at Singapore American School (SAS) where he supported research, innovation, and strategic pathfinding. At SAS he also serverd as the school-wide lead for personalized learning, was a founding member of their Research and Development Team Member, and was the Department Chairperson for Middle and High School Science. Dennis is also a leadership consultant for The College Board, an Understanding by Design (UBD) trainer of trainers, and a Buck Institute Project Based Learning (PBL) coach. In the 1990’s, he worked at Carol Morgan School (in the Dominican Republic) as a Chemistry Teacher and Midland Public Schools (Michigan) as a Middle School Science teacher. Dennis received a Bachelor in Science in Education from Miami University; Master’s Degree in Education from Framingham State University; Certificate of Leadership from State University of New York; and Doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. He also holds Dive Master Certification from PADI and Coastal Skipper Certification from the Royal Yachting Association. Originally, Dennis was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the educational philosophy of Curiosity Lab?

Curiosity Lab's philosophy is centered on creating an ever-evolving system to help learners achieve their full potential. We employ a learner-driven approach, where education is seen as a personal adventure. The Lab focuses on vital skills for the AI era - critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity, integrating interdisciplinary quests to make learning relevant and engaging.

How does a learner-driven approach work in practice?

In practice, this approach means learners have significant autonomy in choosing their learning paths. They set their goals, engage in projects that interest them, and are guided by mentors. The role of educators is more of a facilitator or guide, rather than a traditional instructor.

How is technology, especially AI, integrated into the learning process?

AI and technology are woven into the fabric of learning at Curiosity Lab. They are used for personalized learning experiences, enhancing interactivity, and providing tools for learners to explore and create in innovative ways in and out of the classroom.

What are the qualifications and experiences of the guides?

The guides at Curiosity Lab are chosen for their expertise in their fields, passion for teaching, and ability to inspire young minds. They often have rich, diverse experiences and are adept at guiding learners through their educational journey.

How is progress measured and assessed in a non-traditional

learning environment?

Progress is assessed through project completions, reflections, and demonstrations of understanding. The focus is on mastery and application of knowledge rather than traditional grades.

What are the expected outcomes for learners who complete quests?

Upon completing quests, learners gain in-depth knowledge in specific areas, practical skills, critical thinking abilities, and a mindset geared towards continuous learning and problem-solving.

What opportunities are there for social development and collaboration?

The Lab encourages teamwork and peer learning, especially in mixed-age settings. Social skills are developed through collaborative projects and community involvement.

How can parents or guardians be involved in the learning process?

Parents are seen as partners in the learning process. They are kept informed, involved in setting learning goals, and are often invited to participate in showcases and reflections.

What are the enrollment process and criteria for joining Curiosity Lab?

The enrollment process typically involves an application, a meeting to ensure alignment with the Lab's philosophy, and possibly an assessment to understand the learner's interests and needs. The main criteria are curiosity and a willingness to engage in a self-driven learning process.

How is this different from Project-based learning (PBL)?

PBL focuses on completing specific projects to learn and apply knowledge, often guided by educators. It emphasizes collaborative, hands-on work and real-world application within a structured framework.

QBL (Quest-based learning), on the other hand, centers around self-directed 'quests' driven by learner interests. It combines interdisciplinary learning, exploration, and problem-solving, often integrating technology and game-like elements. While PBL is structured around educator-set goals, QBL empowers learners to set their own objectives, fostering autonomy and personalized learning experiences. QBL can and do key encapsulate elements of PBL but not vice versa.

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Contact us

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316 Greenwich St

New York, NY 10013


711 Amsterdam Ave

New York, NY 10025

UES (Coming soon)

Job Openings

1. Youth Ambassador

Responsibilities: Represent Curiosity Lab at school and community events, sharing information about the program's offerings, benefits, and enrollment process. Engage peers through social media and other platforms to spread awareness.

Skills Gained: Public speaking, networking, social media marketing.

2. Content Creator

Responsibilities: Assist in crafting engaging content for Curiosity Lab's social media, blog, and newsletter. This includes writing articles, creating video content, and designing digital graphics that highlight the Lab's quests, success stories, and educational values.

Skills Gained: Writing, graphic design, video production, digital marketing.

3. Peer Recruiter

Responsibilities: Work directly with the Curiosity Lab team to develop and implement strategies for recruiting participants for the various quests. This could involve organizing information sessions, distributing flyers, and initiating one-on-one conversations with potential participants and their parents.

Skills Gained: Sales, strategic planning, communication.

4. Educational Program Researcher

Responsibilities: Support the development and delivery of Curiosity Lab's educational content. This could include researching new quest topics, preparing materials for sessions, and assisting in the facilitation of online or in-person learning activities.

Skills Gained: Educational planning, research, teaching assistance.

5. AI Tools Researcher

Responsibilities: Research and evaluate artificial intelligence tools for educational use, compile reports on findings, and assist in tool testing and implementation.

Skills Gained: Proficiency in AI applications, critical technology evaluation, report writing, and practical experience with educational technology integration.

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At Curiosity Lab, we're on a mission to revolutionize learning across the globe by harnessing the power of curiosity, creativity, and cutting-edge technology. Our collaborative approach empowers teens to co-create learning experiences that are engaging, relevant and transformative, allowing them to play a pivotal role in crafting their own educational experiences.

Together, we are building a global community of learners, educators, and innovators committed to exploring the unlimited potential of the human mind and making a lasting impact on global education.

Duration and Hours:

Like our personalized learning approach for learners, we craft the hours for each position based on the individual on a case by case basis.

In general we ask that each person has at least 8 hours a week to commit to the role to produce meaningful impact and personal growth.

Work hours are flexible, most work hours are based on actual needs.

We will discuss during the planning phase.


Positions are paid with rates depending on experience and role specifics.

Application Process:

Please send your application to send an email to